1:1 Nutrition Consultancy

1:1 Nutrition Consultancy

1:1 Nutrition Consultancy aims to help you to get knowledge about how food can affect your life and empowers them for a better life. Everyone’s circumstances and needs are unique. For this reason, “customised” nutrition plans are prepared through a cognitive approach. The ultimate goals of this service are to solve weight problems, increase clients’ quality of life, and to sustain long-term well-being.



An initial consultation generally lasts 75 minutes. Prior to your consultation We will request you complete a detailed health questionnaire and a three-day food record which will allow us to get a good understanding of your current state of health and health history.

Follow up consultations last around 60 minutes. We will assess your progress and discuss any concerns you may have. During your session we will have an in-depth review and analysis of your nutritional and lifestyle habits and discuss your main health concerns and goals.

1:1 Nutrition Consultancy sessions are mainly once a week, but this could depend according to clients’ needs and preferences. The sessions will be delivered either on hourly meetings or through online channels such as Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.


We can work together to find your balance and what feels good for you.